Jimmy Whoo is a talented artist (writer, composer, producer) who thrived in the indie Parisian scene with his very own oniric musical universe, the so-called “Motel Music”. He crafted it under the influence of his beloved cities, Paris and Los Angeles, both endless sources of audiovisual fantasies that will fuel his music. We’re somewhere between Italians Do It better in LA, the strings of the streets of Tijuana, and French Hip-Hop. It gave birth to a trilogy of ethereal synth-wave that reminds us of David Lynch’s and Nicolas Winding Refn’s OSTs. The last volume of that trilogy, Motel Music Part. III was released in June 2022. The Motel Music is a glamour and psychedelic recipe that blends nocturnal life, smooth cocktails, dark luxury, and sensuality yet torment. The result is astonishing: a velour sound, eerie yet urban, traveling in a dystopia between dreams and nightmares.

Thanks to his very cinematic roots, Jimmy Whoo’s Motel Music is, without a doubt tailored for pictures, immersing us in a place out of time. Think of a motel chamber lost at the edge of a desertic road, everything lies unexpected and ephemeral. He is making use of keyboards and analog synths to create languorous cinematic compositions, sometimes cold, where gliding pads and experimental ambient mixed perfectly. With radicality and technicity, Jimmy Whoo showed his mastery of these instruments and composed soundscapes taking us to the darkest and most dreamlike settings of American independent cinema.

Jimmy Whoo composed the Original Soundtrack of the documentary film Ghost Song directed by Nicolas Peduzzi, presented at the ACID Cannes Film Festival in 2021.  The film outlines the journeys of rapper OMB Bloodbath and William Folzenlogen in the heart of Houston (Texas). This apocalyptic city, devoured away by drugs and natural disasters, “swallows people like dreams” – though it feels like it flows a dreamlike atmosphere and poetry.

For the Film’s release marketing campaign, Jimmy Whoo toured France to offer exceptional showcases in movie theaters after the screening of the film. He also landed numerous synchronizations to confirm that the musical identity of the artist finds its roots in audiovisual and cinematic content.


  • OLLIE | directed by Antoine Besse | 2024 | FILM
  • GHOST SONG | directed by Nicolas Peduzzi | 2021 | DOCUMENTARY





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