In just a few years, French 79 (real name Simon Henner) made a name for himself in the close circle of synth-wave and electronic most talented producers.  Simon – who is rich with a strong classical background (graduated from the conservatory) – draws his main influences from the likes of Erik Satie, Jean-Michel Jarre, and Daft Punk, and yet, he started his career as a drummer and then guitarist in several rock bands, such as Nasser. He then explored electro-rock, hip-hop, and, eventually, electro.

He attracted the spotlight for the first time in 2014 – with the name French 79 – when he released Between the Buttons, a sophisticated and hypnotic synth track, with impeccable production. Deeply rooted in Marseille, Simon will install his studio in the very heart of the city. He is sharing it with another Marseille child, Kid Francescoli. Together, they will release Lovin’ Feeling, which will act as the confirmation of his talent. The multi-instrumentalist will then contribute with just a few albums to refresh the electronic French scene and carry on its ability to live beyond the country’s borders.

There is no wonder why French 79’s music is so many times associated with pictures (Diamond Veins and Between The Buttons were synchronized more than 50 times); it naturally conveys and paints a significant number of moods and emotions. He uses pictures from films, movies, or everyday life scenes, actually, as both a source of inspiration and a kind of ‘well-done job’ warranty. If it fits the kind of atmosphere he had in mind when composing, then it works. That brings him in 2021, to sign the music of Solitaire(s), a short documentary about his meeting and adventures on the sea with French pro-skipper Achille Nebout. Perhaps, paying a kind of unconscious tribute by doing so, to some of his best youth audiovisual memories, such as The Big Blue or The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau.


  • SUR UN FIL | directed by Reda Kateb | 2024 | LONG FEATURE
  • SOLITAIRE(S) | directed by Romuald SINTES | 2021 | DOCUMENTARY
  • ON EST PRÊT (1 episode) | created by Magali PAYEN | 2021 | TV SERIES





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